On the following pages are a number of articles I have written that are related to interaction with animals or related subjects. I will add additional articles from time to time. A number of these articles have previously been published in “ANIMAL KEEPERS’ FORUM,” the journal of the American Association of Zoo Keepers, Inc. This publication goes to most of the zoo keepers around the country. I sincerely hope that some of the concepts discussed in these articles will have a positive impact on the readers’ attitude and respect for the dignity and character of most of the wild and domestic animals that inhabit the world.

Several of the articles refer to the International Exotic Feline Sanctuary. 

I volunteered my services at the Sanctuary and spend three days a week helping make life better for the approximately 70 large felines, bears, and other wild animals that have their permanent home there for 25 years, ending in May 2020. It is a wonderful facility that stays true to its mission of providing the best quality of life possible in captivity for the resident felines. I am proud to be a part of the work I did there rehabilitating and giving a good home to exotic cats that have been abandoned, abused, and confiscated.

Emotional Enrichment

Introduction At the International Exotic Feline Sanctuary, we have been practicing various methods of enriching the lives of our resident felines for a number of

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tiger chewing on stick

Positive Reinforcement

The term positive reinforcement has been widely used in recent years when discussing training or interaction with animals, both wild and domestic. Generally, when one

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Traits of Wild Animals

Since this article encompasses wild animals generally, including predators and non-predators, it must necessarily be rather broad-spectrum in content. However, there are some characteristics and

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Media Stories

Louis Dorfman has made appearances on all national (and in many international) television networks including ABC, NBC, Fox News, CNN, BBC, and E! Networks on various animal issues.