Species Information

Information about some species of wild animals with which i have substantial experience

Following are characteristics, personality traits, information, and stories about various species of animals with which I have knowledge and experience. Since I have so many stories and anecdotes about each species, I’ll have to be selective in order to keep this section within appropriate size. If I find enough interest in a particular species by the viewing public, I may well expand on that species as time goes on.

It is my fondest hope that a large majority of the human population will soon realize the value to the Earth in conserving and maintaining viable populations of all the existing wild animals. The world would be a much more sterile place without the majesty of a tiger or the joy and playfulness of a fox or river otter.

Friesian horse

Friesian Horse

My wife, Julia, and I decided to begin breedng Friesian horses years ago. This breed is quite unique and rare in the United States. A brief history: The black Friesian

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Black Bear

Perhaps no other animal native to North America raises more interest and confusion than bears. Especially black bears, since they are so much more widely spread and located than are

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Lions are the only social big cat. Lions live in social units called prides. All other big cats are solitary, although some species are more so than others. In part

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two otters swimming

North American River Otter

At the end of September, 2003, a new angel came into our life! We received a three year old North American river otter named Lulu. She was sought to become

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two macaw birds

Macaws & Cockatoos

Macaws and cockatoos are the only animals I have put on this website that are properly considered as pets. While they are really wild animals, they can be tamed and

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Leopards are considered by many to be the most treacherous and dangerous of the big cats. They are undoubtedly very cunning. It is said that there are leopards living in

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white tiger face


Tigers are perhaps the most fascinating of the big cats. Perhaps it’s because of their size, or their vivid colors, intense eyes, large teeth, or perhaps a combination of all

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cougar laying down


Cougars are also known as Pumas and Mountain Lions. It is the same animal, but many people are confused by the common use of all the different names. There are

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Arctic Fox

One of the most adorable and loveable animals in the animal kingdom is the arctic fox. I was blessed to live with Felix and Angel for many years. They were

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Wolves are among the most misunderstood of wild predators. They are not at all aggressive towards humans. There is not one substantiated case in North America of a wild wolf

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